Strawberry Pound Cake

If you are a fan of strawberries, cake and over all deliciousness then you need to whip up this Strawberry Pound Cake! Easy, tasty and addicting.

Strawberries are one of my favorite things to bake with of all time. They are one of those fruits that you can pretty much buy at your grocer all year long.

I’m not opposed to baking with strawberries during the winter or fall, I don’t believe that this has to be one of those seasonal recipes.

But since it is spring and the fruit baking has begun, I had to share my favorite Strawberry Pound Cake recipe with you guys!


  • Using fresh strawberries and jello combined really enhances the flavor.
  • This can also be made in a sheet pan and topped with frosting.
  • This is really easy to whip up and the glaze really enhances the strawberry flavor.

Some of my favorite recipes that we regularly make with strawberries include Strawberry Ricotta CakeHomemade Strawberry Cake and these Strawberry Margaritas.

Let’s just say that we are a little bit strawberry addicted around this joint, but thats ok they are delicious and easy to bake with for sure.

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Written by mehdicrt

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