Shea will be 7 months old on Wednesday (howww???) and we are still on our breastfeeding journey. Which is more pumping than anything with work, but still…high five, self! While many women notice cravings and an increased appetite during pregnancy.

I escaped all of that during my pregnancy. I actually ate most of my meals off salad plates and never really had any serious hankerings.

But it seems my breastfeeding days have me insatiable and have me craving the LOTS of things.

My most recent cravings have been for carnitas, anything on the grill (which is yet to be had), and chicken salad. There was also a little issue with a carrot cake and red velvet cake being in the house after my send-off from my old job.

There’s just no way to keep that kind of sweet in the house and not have it call my name non-stop.

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Written by mehdicrt

Creamy Vegan Potato Salad

Cinnamon Apple Smoothie