Roasted Vegetables & Vegan Quark with Herbs

You can’t go wrong with roasted vegetables. No matter if you’re time is limited but you still want to eat healthy, if you need a side for hearty dishes like this BBQ glazed lentil loaf or if you just want to make use of leftovers before going out of town.

What’s the best way to eat roasted veggies, you ask? Exactly, with a quark dip with herbs. I’m sure you can buy ready-made vegan quark by now (in Germany, that is) but you can also make it from scratch quickly with few ingredients.

Cuisine: German, Mediterranean
Keyword: tofu, vegetables, winter
Recipe Notes
  • Two ways to roast vegetables: (1) with oil or fat reduced (2) with veggie stock, which is more like steaming them in the oven

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Written by mehdicrt

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