Shrimp De Jonghe

This is one buttery meal! It’s okey to have some extra fat every once in awhile right! This shrimp is so delicious and yet greasy. Check out how it’s made.

A dish my mother made for special occasions. According to some sources, shrimp de jonghe was invented at the turn of the 20th century by the De Jonghe brothers, Belgian immigrants and owners of DeJonghe’s Hotel and Restaurant in Chicago.

This garlicky, herbed casserole is one of the earliest Windy City specialties. This dish can be served as an appetizer or main course.

You’ll Need:

2.5 to 3 lbs of raw peeled and deveined shrimp.
3 sticks of butter.
1 head of garlic peeled and sliced really thin.
½ tsp of crushed red pepper.
1 cup of plain bread crumb.
1 cup of parmesan cheese.

Family Recipes Cookbook


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Written by mehdicrt

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