Baked Creamy Corn Casserole

Whether it’s a side dish or a main dish, this Baked Creamy Cheesy Corn Casserole is a huge family favorite!

This dish is one my Mom didn’t make often as I can only recall it a few times her making it but when she did make it I went nuts over it.

Her recipe was pretty basic and it didn’t call for heavy cream – she used condensed milk and onions.  Now I’ve grown to appreciate them and even love them in some dishes but not in this.  No, not in this. Well due to her not making it that often I honestly forgot about it.

It wasn’t until a month or so ago I saw on Pinterest something similar to what Mom used to make by Chef-In-Training (love her site btw!) Immediately all those childhood memories came back and I had to make it. I looked through my old family recipes and found Mom’s and went to town.

The only real difference between my sweet corn casserole was one used all milk and the other used condensed milk. This type of casserole is pretty universal and standard – 2 eggs, 1 cup liquid, flour to make the slurry and butter.  The change-up comes with the add-ins meaning corn, seasoning, cheese, crispy bacon and so forth.

This Corn Casserole is one to keep in your recipe files as you can go nuts with it on the variations you can make with it. Since I wanted that creamy texture I opted for half cream and half milk

Using all heavy cream made it too heavy and rich. However, if you wanted to, you could most certainly go with all half and half.  This keeps is light enough but has enough cream to make it decadent.

I tried it with all milk but it was too runny and didn’t have that creamy consistency I prefer in my souffle-type-casseroles.

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Written by mehdicrt


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