Pink Lemonade Cake is moist, tangy and the perfect summertime treat! Made from scratch with no frozen concentrate, this Pink Lemonade Cake is covered in lemon buttercream frosting and celebrates your favorite summertime drink with its bright pink cake color.

Who doesn’t love pink lemonade? Now take your favorite poolside summer drink and whip it up into cake form and you have the ultimate summertime dessert. All that being said, Pink Lemonade Cake is the one recipe that I have had on my to-do list for two years now.  The day finally comes and I realize that the majority of pink lemonade cakes are made with pink lemonade frozen concentrate which .. much to my surprise .. is no longer sold in my area.

So what’s a food blogger to do?  You got it!!! Bippidy boppity booed my way to writing a new and improved, better than any other pink lemonade cake I’ve ever tasted before Pink Lemonade Cake recipe. Seriousy, I was so upset.  I love pink lemonade cake and now that sprintime is here and summer is quickly approching, pink lemonade cake is my ultimate favorite summer dessert. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart and how can you not love the bright pink cake color?  Oh, of course you could make your pink lemonade cake any other color you want but … why?

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