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I squeezed the pineapple in a mesh strainer with a spatula then paper towel pressed up against it to absorb most of the remaining juice. Once frozen an hour, they still didn’t really form a ball. I threw a spoonful on a pile of coconut then I basically picked up coconut with fingers and covered the top. I was then able to pick them up to form balls. I added about a teaspoon of vanilla to mixture when beating. They are very tasty and will make again but maybe with some crushed nuts added either to batter or as coating to give some texture..

Have been making these for quite a while. Always popular and the one recipe that everyone wants. To help make the snowballs firmer, drain the pineapple thru a mesh strainer, pressing out as much liquid as possible with the back of a spoon. Then squeeze the pineapple with your hands to remove any extra liquid. It helps to solidify the snowballs quite a bit more so they are easier to handle.

These are great little dessert treats. Great after a big meal. Very easy to make. I flopped a little of the mixture in the coconut also and it made it much easier to roll into balls. I also added confectioners sugar. Thanks Amber, we really enjoy these, not too sweet, just the way I like a dessert. Also great to make ahead of time. Will be making again soon.

Thank you! I was looking for a low sugar dessert to add to Thanksgiving dinner that I could eat. I used the hints about the squeezing the pineapple, and “flopping” the mixture into the coconut. Both those made it easier. I added 1/2 pkg sugar free instant vanilla pudding MIX (no liquid) for extra sweet and flavor, and I love it! These will be a welcome addition to my desserts!

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