Lemon Butter Shortbread Cookies with Lemon Glaze

You will love the burst of fresh lemon flavor in these Lemon Butter Shortbread Cookies. And if that’s not enough to tempt your tastebuds, these lemony buttery cookies are dipped in a tart lemony glaze. Lemony delicious!

Do you love lemons?  Do you ever wonder what a cookie would taste like if you added lots of sweet cream butter to the dough, followed by a nice dose of fresh lemon juice?  Oh, and how about dipping the baked cookies in a fresh tart lemon glaze?  Well in case you haven’t allowed your mind to wander off that far, don’t worry because mine has.

I was thinking about my Butter Cookie recipe the other day and started thinking about the combination of pure butter and fresh lemon juice and how it would taste.  My mouth started watering just thinking about it.  The rest is history…

You will absolutely love these buttery yet tart and lemony tender shortbread cookies.  Here’s a quick snapshot of how I made these delicious melt in your mouth cookies…

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Written by mehdicrt


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