Crockpot Corn

If you are looking for a creamy side dish, you found it! This crock pot corn is so good and delicious. And , it’s very easy to prepare! Check it out.

If you want to make creamed corn but you’ve run out kitchen space, this crock pot version is the perfect solution! The sweet, creamy taste is nearly identical to baked but this no-hassle version takes a fraction of the effort.

Creamed corn was created by Native Americans, which traditionally calls for “pulping” corn kernels and collecting the milky residue from the corn.

This classic side dish has changed a little over time, and many modern-day variations simply mean corn that’s baked, cooked, or stewed in a creamy sauce.

The recipe featured here is more like the latter. It’s meant to have the classic creamy taste of creamed corn but made in a simple, no-hassle way.

Family Recipes Cookbook

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Written by mehdicrt

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