Caramel + cheesecake + brown sugar oat streusel + apple = the best Fall dessert!

With a list like that I am not sure how you can go wrong with these caramel apple cheesecake bars. Pumpkin and apple desserts are all the rage right now.

I have already stocked my pumpkin supply. I bought the bulk pack of Pumpkin at Costco the other day…… four of them, haha ? I am now the proud owner of 12 cans of pumpkin. The BIG cans!

The ingredient list may look long but they actually come together fairly quickly and use staple pantry ingredients. The hardest, most time-consuming part of this recipe is the chopping and peeling of apples, and the cooling and refrigeration time needed for the cheesecake bars.

These are definitely NOT a dessert that you can make right before you need it. Be sure and plan ahead and read the recipe and instructions ahead of time.

The crust is a brown sugar shortbread crust that is just flour, brown sugar, and butter. It is a dry mix, which is totally fine, because once you press it into the baking dish it sticks together and forms into the crust.

The next layer is a creamy apple cheesecake with cinnamon and nutmeg spices. Be sure and cut those apples small so that they will soften and bake in the cook time. I aim to cut the apples the size of frozen peas or corn. You want them small.

The last (and best!) layer is the oat streusel topping and that caramel drizzle. You are welcome to make your own caramel syrup but I made things easy by using the store-bough caramel syrup. You know the kind that you use for ice cream. I got the squeeze bottle one. Super easy!

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Written by mehdicrt

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