The Most Amazing Chocolate Fudge

I love when people share their holiday recipes and traditions with me. When I lived in North Carolina, I met my best friend Kathryn. In her family, they make and eat pierogi during the holidays. She invited me over to make pierogi with her, and we spent the day laughing, cooking, and covered in flour. We made potato, cheese, prune, there were pierogi everywhere. Every time I see a pierogi, I think about her and that day in her kitchen. Traditions like these, are the ones that make the holiday for me. I cannot tell you what I got for Christmas that year, but I remember everything about that day. I have a photocopy of her grandmother’s recipe, and it makes me feel special that she shared a family recipe with me.

I got this fudge recipe from my friend Jen. She lives down the street, and over a conversation one evening, she mentioned that she makes this fudge recipe every Christmas. A few days later, a scanned copy of this recipe was in my inbox (thank you Jen), and whenever I make it, I will think of her. Food is funny that way, it evokes so many memories. This fudge is fool-proof, it was so easy. Jen says that she has made this with peanut butter and that it is wonderful. A white chocolate and peppermint version might be next for me.

Can you believe that we are already at week 12 of the 12th week of Christmas? It flew by. This weekend, gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, and some serious rest.

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