Hot Crab Dip Recipe

This Hot Crab Dip Recipe is THE perfect dip appetizer for parties and get-togethers. Made with real lump crab meat, you will fall in love with this Hot Crab Dip Recipe.

This Hot Crab Dip Recipe is rich and delicious with a Louisiana flavor flair.

Dear Bentley, if you are reading this, thank you for the wedding gift.

I have six “ride or die” friends. I’m talking those friends who have seen you at your best and at your worst and doesn’t seem to care about who you are in those times in your life because they see beyond who you think you are. They inspire you to inspire others because they believe in what you have to offer the world; they love you all the same when they can enjoy pleasant conversations with you and when tougher conversations need to take place. Yea, I love my “Gal Pals”. They mean everything to me. But in this post, I am going to talk about one of them in particular, and to keep her name confidential just in case she doesn’t want her name out there like that, I am going to call her by her nickname “Bentley”.

Bentley was my manager many years ago. We hit it off pretty quickly as we learned we both came from the same city and shared a lot of the same characteristics.

We both are straightforward, we both are absolutely silly, and we both-love-food! In our circle of friends, we have friends that we go to for different things.

For instance, if I have any financial questions I will go to my friend Kim; If I have any medical or health questions I will go to my friend, whose name is also Nicole; if I need to find out what is going on in the city, I will go to my friend Angela; but if I have any questions related to my career or need marital advice that is where Bentley comes in. As of late, my career has been the highlight of my life so I have had to have a very honest conversation with Bentley about my calling and my struggle to not give up or cave in on the vision I feel God has given me.

Bentley is perfect for those conversations as she is a working mom and a well established professional in the higher education industry. However, she knows me very well as a professional as well as my assets.

She knows when I can be pushed harder and she knows when something just isn’t working out for me. Although Bentley has become a great friend, she is still my unofficial manager I go to for training and development from time to time.

So what does Bentley have to do with this Hot Crab Dip Recipe? Continue reading and I will tell you.

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Written by mehdicrt


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