Thinly sliced ribeye steak with gooey and melty provolone cheese in every bite; also filled to the brim with caramelized onions, peppers, and mushrooms all on a toasted hoagie roll. This popular fast food sandwich can be made anytime at home with this easy philly cheesesteak recipe! Sooo dang delicious!

You ever play that game where you ask someone what their death row meal or food would be? A tad bit morbid, I know, but stick with me. It’s your *top favorite* that you would choose to eat as your “last meal.”

Not that you asked me but one of my top indulgent eats that I’d like to have should all things come to an end is a philly cheesesteak. Let’s rewind that back a bit…a thiccjuicycheesy, and hot philly cheesesteak sandwich! Ya’ll, one of these sandwiches is just about the closest things to pure happiness, if you ask me.


philly cheesesteak is a very popular sandwich comprised of super thinly sliced beefgooey provolone cheese, and gets enveloped by a hoagie roll. This is an authentic philly cheesesteak. This famous sandwich gets its name from it being of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania roots and created by Pat and Harry Olivieri. As a matter of fact; in South Philly, you’ll find Pat’s King of Steaks and Geno’s as two huge philly cheesesteak rivals. Both of these joints are notably fun tourist spots to get your grub on and be the judge for yourself.

Years after the philly cheesesteak made its debut, the addition of green bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms came to be. Philadelphia natives will gladly let you know that the addition of these elements is *not* an authentic philly cheesesteak too, ha! However, these few additions have become so widely popular and many restaurants include those options. To be honest, I love both of the cheesesteak variations.

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