The easiest and best One-Bowl Chocolate Cake recipe is super chocolatey, light, fluffy, tender, and moist and hardly any more work than using a box cake mix. This chocolate cake made from scratch is simply the best!

We have some serious chocolate cake lovers around our household. These moist chocolate cupcakes are the BEST and get rave reviews in the comments.

And while I have already previously shared my favorite devil’s food cake recipe that I use to make a chocolate layer cake, I wanted to share a little bit different chocolate cake recipe with you today because I use them for different situations.

This is the best simple chocolate cake recipe ever and it comes out tasting totally amazing every time. And it’s SO incredibly easy to make. It’s also a lot like a chocolate cake mix in terms of texture, although flavor here is leaps and bounds beyond a cake mix.

Although if I’m being totally transparent, I prefer the depth of flavor in my favorite devil’s food cake. But unlike my devil’s food cake recipe, which I almost always do as a layer cake, this one-bowl chocolate cake recipe doesn’t require chopping chocolate and melting it or using multiple types of sugar.

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Written by mehdicrt

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