Mississippi Sin

I don’t know about you, but my family goes crazy whenever I make something crazy and new! Last Sunday, I made this french loaf bread filled with a yummy filling, it blew their minds! Check out this Mississippi Sin!
It’s Football Friday! The college football regular season is winding down; only one more week to go.  We move on to Championship Week and bowl games. I am looking forward to both!

We had this dip at our tailgate last weekend.  I have no idea why this is called Mississippi Sin (there are so many jokes that could be inserted here), but we’ll just go with it.  Mama Hen got the recipe from one of he co-workers.  The recipe is very similar to one of my favorite dips, “crack”.  (We call it crack b/c you can’t stop eating it)

This is a great tailgate dip because it is great hot and still really good cold (after the game).  I ate way too much of this.  I feel like the bread bowl is optional.  It looks good, but it isn’t necessary to the success of the dip.  I think this would be just as good baked in a baking dish.

This is a keeper.  I might even like it better than my beloved “crack dip”.  I think I’ll refer to this as “new crack” from now on.

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