Next time you’re feeling nostalgic for Ho Hos, consider making this homemade Swiss roll. It looks and tastes just like the small, cream-filled chocolate snack cakes from Hostess.

To make this Ho Ho cake, a chocolate sponge is rolled around a light and fluffy whipped cream filling and topped with a rich chocolate ganache. This super-sized take on the snack cake can be cut into slices and shared with friends.

Cake rolls look fancy, but if you work quickly and carefully, they’re actually quite easy to assemble. The trick is to coat a tea towel with either powdered sugar or cocoa powder and coax the cake into a rolled shape while it is still warm to keep it from cracking.

This is HoHo Cake. No, not Santa Claus “HoHo Merry Christmas” cake… It is a copycat of the Hostess snack cake HoHo’s! And it is Ha Ha HEAVEN : ) This is a simple chocolate cake box mix, with two different homemade frostings to layer on top! This is the one I was telling you would ‘knock your socks off’.. and it did mine.. and my Moms… and my sisters. We LOVED it !
I know you will to..So give it a try and then let me know how much you love me for telling you about it!

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Written by mehdicrt

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