Chicken with stuffing

This cooker meal is hearty, delicious, Just you need 5 ingredients you can make simple and easy chicken with stuffing

A fast 30-minute dinner is made easier thanks to store shortcuts. Get everything you need for this creamy chicken and stuffing bake. It’s heartwarming no matter what you have going on. 

I hope not. I’m a nurse–I have a very solid stomach and apparently an inappropriate love of honesty that may not belong on this food blog. If it gets too bad, just let me know. I’ll try to reign it in. )

You’ve been warned.

Last week I went to the barn and I was still several feet away when I saw the white carpet–snow? Well this is Kentucky and we do have 40 degree temperature swings from day to day, but no.

It was chicken feathers.  A lot of them.

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Written by mehdicrt

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