Search. Fishing Beads, Rig floats, Spinner Blades and more. Hot. Walleye usually live in large, deep, cool lakes or reservoirs. If there is a dark area, the fish is a walleye. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Welcome to! They do not have the canine teeth of walleye and sauger. Saugeye, like walleye and sauger, are piscivorous, that is the feed on fish, eating mostly shad, shiners, and other minnows. They have dark blotches, like Sauger. The sites sampled in the study were not stocked and were sustained through natural reproduction. Trautman (1981) suggested that in water bodies with walleye and sauger a hybridization rate of about 2-3% could be expected. Bait and lure choices Walleye can usually be found in small schools of fish. Saugeye are a naturally occurring hybrid in water bodies that have reproducing populations of both walleye and sauger. The most informative study that I have been able to find on the subject The daily bag limit for Walleye, Saugeye and Sauger is 4 fish from March 1 - April 30 and 6 per day starting May 1st. First Buck for this Montana Youth Hunter! Walleyes do not have such markings. The deep-diving husky jerk is similar to the bandit and is also used by many walleye charter boats in the Great Lakes. Walleye or Saugeye? If you want to compare the saugeye vs walleye, saugeyes are close to the size of walleyes and have the markings of the sauger. Take note of the tail. Their body is more slender and tends to be shorter. In the 1980s, state DNR… Share this post. Fishing community in Ohio for Saugeye and Walleye Reports. They are best identified by the “blotchy” saddle markings on their side and back similar to sauger, but they usually have white pigment on the lower portion of their tail along with dark blotches on their dorsal fin membrane. On top of that, they both taste delicious. Pay attention to the shape of the body. (info via To add to the confusion, there is also a hybrid of the walleye and the sauger called a saugeye. The result is a fast growing fish that has excellent survival abilities. Compare ; Gift Certificates; Cart. The colours of walleye in the North will often range vastly from a dark olive green to the well-known yellowish gold. Saugeyes have dark brown backs with darker saddle shaped markings like that of a sauger, and a white blotch on the lower tip of their tails like that of a walleye. At first glance, both these fish look pretty similar. • Spines of the dorsal fin are more pointed in sauger than in walleye. Which one do you prefer to catch, Sauger, Walleye, or Saugeye? If there is no white spot, the fish is a sauger. r/WalleyeFishing: A place to talk about everything walleye, sauger, saugeye, or even zander fishing. Sauger tend to have slimmer bodies than walleyes. Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing: An Angler's Gu... 7 Best Great Lakes Fishing Towns in the US, White Crappie vs. Black Crappie: All You Need to Know. Walleye, sauger and saugeye are found in rivers and lakes across Kentucky. Which one do you think tastes best? Walleye, Sauger, and their hybrid "Saugeye" are known for loving Swimbaits. Its dorsal fin, unlike the walleye's, is marked by rows of dark spots and lacks the dark blotch at the rear base. Sauger usually hide in deep, murky pools with sandy or muddy bottoms. Bass, Saugeye, Walleye, and Crappie Anglers' go-to swimbait for catching big fish. 'Eye color: Walleye/Saugeye/Sauger see yellows, oranges, and greens better than other colors. Where do they live, and what’s the difference between them? You can catch walleye on a variety of live bait (minnows, shiners, nightcrawlers and leeches), lures (crankbaits, spoons, jigs, etc.) The saugeye is a hybrid made by crossing a sauger and walleye. They also have a white lower tail, similar to Walleye. Sauger have dark blotches on the sides of their body. r/ WalleyeFishing. no scales walleye, scales saugeye, no doubt about it. If you are unsure, you can always ask a local fisheries technician! Primetime for eyes is usually February thru June. These fish also have a continuous black blotch at the base of the dorsal fin, while saugers only have rows of distinct black spots. User account menu. Walleye Supply. However, walleyes have higher tolerances for a wide range of conditions which give them a wider natural range. So you have prepared for your night of fishing. All rights reserved. If there are spots on the dorsal fin, the fish is a sauger. Billington et al. Good God thats a good question! The most productive Walleye/Saugeye fishing is typically between Leesville Dam and mile marker 6. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, walleye were stocked with little success in turbid, structure-deficient reservoirs. Join. Premium hand made soft plastic fishing lures. The state record for saugeyes is now around 11 or 12 now. Getting a Minnesota Fishing License: A Quick ... Lake of the Woods Ice Fishing: An Angler's Guide. Yellow perch are golden or brassy yellow with six to nine dark vertical bars on their sides. Most of the time, baits based on these colors will consistently outproduce more natural shades. Want to learn how to Jig for Saugeye? These hybrids are not able to reproduce on their own and must be stocked annually to provide fishing opportunities. Sauger have scales on their cheeks, while the cheeks of walleyes are smooth. It shows the promise of filling a niche in lakes where walleye have not done well, especially in small impoundments. Just watch this Video! Similar in appearance to the parents, the saugeye will grow faster than either but probably won't get as big as the walleye. • Sauger is more adaptive to many environments than walleye is. Hopefully, this can clear things up a bit for those who are unsure. Sauger have scales on their cheeks, while the cheeks of walleyes are smooth. Like other hybrids, the saugeye is hardy ants fast. and/or a combination of the two. If there is no dark area, it is a sauger. The Ohio Division of Wildlife had a good idea when it decided to start stocking many Ohio lakes and reservoirs with saugeye. 2020 new listing ; WALLEYE SPINNER BLADES . The sauger sees even better than the walleye in darkness or turbid water, and this determines their distribution.

walleye and saugeye

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