Step 4: Upgrade the Revenant Weapon [edit | edit source]. Once you have upgraded your SR Bahamut Weapon skill to level 10, you can upgrade it to SSR which will allow you to boost your base damage. I’ve tested out every ability and secondary gadget. Allow me to help. Though if it's a normal weapon skill weapon then put it in your stash first and check later using #questions on discord) iRO Refine Rate Events. for me, the best way to get skill fodder is from events because they always have sr or higher weapons to give out. The number of points a weapon is worth increases with each skill level, too. In the run-up to launch, I’ve unlocked every skill, upgraded every set of armor, and fully improved every weapon. At job 70 the smith has a +10% better chance to successfully refine a weapon than an upgrade NPC does. If you are upgrading another Revenant Weapon, you will not need to upgrade the shop again. However, the Mastersmith skill Upgrade Weapon will increase self-weapon refining chance by 0.5% per job level after job 50. The required amount of points for level X->X+1 is simply 8*X. It is very useful to keep Magna weapons with "(Magna weapon skill) Might II" and weapons with 2 weapons skill for the same elements (Tia guns, Yugu sticks, Celeste claws, Chev swords etc.). Instead of breaking a fully uncapped GW weapon, you may choose to reduce 10 element-changed GW weapons to acquire star fragments (5 star fragments each), which means you'll have to farm 40 more GW weapons of the same type. This step is only necessary once per account. ค่าของอาวุธ ในการอัพสกิล จะขึ้นอยู่กับเลเวลสกิลเท่านั้น (เลเวลอาวุธกับดาวขีดจำกัดไม่เกี่ยว) SSR Skill LV2 = 40x2 = 80. Be weary that Bahamut Weapon skills are 5 times as demanding than SSR weapons when it comes to leveling their Skills. Thankfully, has a chart on their skill leveling page, along with an explanation that may be more helpful to the math-minded. Sources: Weapon/Summon Optimisation Guide GBF Data Spreadsheet (under "Skill Up System") SSR Skill-Up Requirements SSR weapons require 8 "points" per skill level. farming for skill fodder takes a lot of time and luck! This last step actually consists of 6 separate upgrades, each requiring more, rarer items.Once again, refer to the individual item pages or the general Items page for information on where to obtain them. Gacha weapons in general give a lot more materials than the farmable counterparts, which will be needed for the 4th limit break of your magna weapons and class weapon upgrades. 1 star fragment: After the step using Champion Merit (真) 5 star fragments: Element changed 50 star fragments: Fully uncapped. im rank 81 though and my atk is around 43k, so i just use weapons i dont plan to use as fodder... like right now with the fenrir/cerberus event, i'm just exchanging for the weapons to use as fodder. เช่นอาวุธ R Skill LV3 = 1x3= 3. A Dark Opus weapon has one base skill and two customizable skill slots that unlock after uncapping and leveling the weapon to 4*/120 and 5*/200, respectively. This quest/feature is only available or customized on iRO.

gbf weapon skill upgrade

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