Even though the sweetspot didn't feel bigger, I felt fewer vibrations on my off-center shots, which helped me hit big with even more confidence. This is not my best shot, but I was able to switch up the pace pretty easily in an intense rally with the ball sitting nice and low. On court, this racquet's explosive acceleration and spin friendly targeting makes it an explosive weapon for an aggressive baseline player. The Pure Drive continues with a familiar storyline: It's easy to use and comes loaded with power and spin. Additionally the feel enhances the precision just enough so advanced players can play with greater margin on the court. I also felt more confident going for challenging second serves thanks to the improved precision. She said, “I was a bit skeptical coming into this playtest. All Rights Reserved. ", Brittany - "The easy power, spin and maneuverability from all areas of the court. I also think the racquet isn't as forgiving outside the sweetspot. Want to hit more winners?! ", Michelle - "Loads of power and spin. I was also pleased with how much spin I could generate on kick and slice serves. Players will see a huge difference in comfort and won’t be afraid of using firmer strings. Review date: September 2020. The 2021 model feels a little more like the 2019 Pure Aero when you strike the ball, with a less aggressive launch angle. It just makes tennis so enjoyable when I can slap or spin winners even on a day when I'm not playing my best. My slices felt great with this stick, and I found the same sensation up at net on my drop volleys. Tennis players sometimes like to reference their racquet as a "weapon of choice," and the ferocity with which our team could attack their groundstrokes and serves with the Pure Drive might help explain why. After the remodel of the Pure Drive in 2018 and launch of the Pure Drive VS in 2019, Babolat goes back to the drawing board to innovate their 2021 Pure Drive. ", Brittany added, "Although the Pure Drive isn't known for having a plush feel, I felt that Babolat made this update more dampened and more comfortable. Brand new babolat pure drive 2021 tennis racket $194.95 with free shipping Grip size - 4 1/4 Weight - 10.6 oz (unstrung) String pattern - 16x19 Sold as is As Julie tells it, the net is where this update stood out most. I feel a bit more feedback outside the sweetspot, but that's not always a bad thing! $206.38. I could go on and on. ", Despite loving the racquet's serving power, the team in Europe struggled a bit with control. Pure ... $189.33. Even if I hit off the frame, I didn’t encounter any harshness in my elbow or wrist. However, the sweetspot felt more defined in this update, and the feel was maybe slightly crisper. ", Zsofi - "I tested this new Pure Drive 2021 alongside the older version, and one thing that definitely stood out for me right away was the new version's better vibration dampening. ", Julie - "This is a super fun racquet to play with! It was so quick to maneuver when a ball came fast to the body, and I was able to simply get my hands out and punch the ball back into the court. I had to make sure to aim at larger targets than usual because more power generation also meant less control. There’s enough power for flattening out serves at will, and easy acceleration for generating a high kick serve or low slice out wide. $179.90. ", Michelle - "The new Pure Drive falls in line with previous versions, but feels a bit crisper rather than muted. All Rights Reserved. Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racket has been given a face-lift for the 2021 season. Topspin and slices seemed to jump even more off the court keeping my opponents guessing more often. The added comfort made it effortless to hit precise touch volleys with great command. ", Jaye - "I think that this new Pure Drive is pretty similar to the previous version, just with a bit more comfort, feel and stability. I was surprised that I had a short one- to two-hour adjustment period with the newest iteration, mostly due to the launch angle. Copyright © Tennis Warehouse. Brittany: Open level player with a semi-western forehand and a two-handed backhand. Another similar racquet would be the Yonex EZONE 100. The Babolat Pure Drive 2021 is more dampened and feels more comfortable than the predecessor. ", Testing on the clay courts for TW Europe, Julie also reflected on her experience with previous versions. However, as Michelle explained, harnessing this racquet's inherent power is key. She said, "This is where the Pure Drive can get a bit too dangerous in my hands; by that I mean, I have a tendency to go for too much and swing too big. I was hitting shorter than expected at first, but I started to dial in my shots after a bit. Overall, it had great control and power with seemingly low effort. She currently plays with the Babolat Pure Strike VS. Hayden: Open level aggressive baseliner. I have to admit, it seemed like this new Pure Drive felt a bit more control-oriented in this area. When playing such an offensive game, controlling that power can be a challenge, and our playtesters found effective solutions to that challenge by adding spin or changing string setups. A raquete foi lançada pela primeira vez em 1994 e tem sido um campeão de vendas por anos, estabelecendo-se como uma raquete dinâmica de escolha para jogadores profissionais e rec. The racquet didn't get pushed around that much; I felt like I was able to come back easily, even from a defensive position, to dictate the point. About the Reviewer: Chris Virk-Brown currently works at Tennis Express on the Content Marketing team. From the very first day of playtesting, it felt as if I had never stopped playing with a Pure Drive. I often refer to the Pure Drive as a 'guilty pleasure,' and this update was no exception. All in all, this version of the Pure Drive keeps to its powerhouse heritage and won't alienate fans, and updates to the feel might even make some new ones. In addition to reducing harsh impact vibrations, this technology, when placed at this location, also increases dwell-time and spin potential. Nová kolekce Pure Drive pro sezónu 2021!

babolat pure drive 2021

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