You’ll Never Guess The Surprise Ingredient In These Stupendous Baked Beans!

Are you a baked bean lover? I know that I certainly am. I love making and eating baked beans because making this wonderful side dish is super easy. I like to change things up in my baked bean making. Sometimes, you just want an extra zip in your beans and your this recipe does just that. You’ll find a bit of spiciness in these baked beans as well as the sweet flavor of country apples. My taste buds went crazy over the robust flavor of these beans and I think yours will, too.

Don’t worry, these beans aren’t much different from the traditional baked beans that you are used to. They still contain many of the classic ingredients that we all know and love. They are super rich and tangy – and the apples bring just enough flavors to take these to the next level. No need to fret, though! There’s no way you can call these beans “fruity”!
Plus, these baked beans are very easy to make. You just mix your fixins’ together and bake. That’s it! Soon, you’ll have a hot and bubbling pan of delicious baked beans on your picnic table. Yum!

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