Relieve jaw pain by trying one of these 6 home remedies

Do you notice you jaw aches? Do you find yourself stretching your jaw and rubbing the joint, trying to find relief? Any number of things could be causing your jaw pain – stress, TMJ, grinding your teeth at night, etc.

Knowing the cause of the discomfort is only half the battle. How do you help relive it? Fortunately, you can take care of you jaw pain through several simple home remedies. Check out these 6 ways to alleviate your aching jaw.
1. Heat therapy. The TMJ Association says to use heat to help relax tense muscles caused by clenching teeth. Using moist heat will help prevent drying out the skin on your face, which is extra sensitive. A warm, moist towel will do the trick
2. Massage therapy. recommends massage the masseter muscle, located under the cheek bone about one inch in front of the ear. Press on the muscle with your thumb or fingertips to find relief.
3. Food avoidance. If your muscles are really sore, Dr. Hirschinger, DDS recommends avoiding foods that require you work your jaw extra hard to chew. Avoid anything sticky, crunchy or chewy. Foods that require you open your mouth extra wide should be cut to bite-size pieces so further strain is not placed on your tired muscles.
4. Ice pack. WNY Dental says you might find more relief by alternating between hot and cold packs. Be sure to wrap a cloth around the ice pack before applying it to your jaw and don’t leave it on for more than five minutes.
5. Magnesium. A sign of magnesium deficiency, according to Reader’s Digest, is muscles spasming. If you find you clench your jaw a lot, you might want to increase your intake of magnesium-rich foods: spinach, chard, almonds, avocado, dark chocolate and bananas.
6. Mediation. Since stress can cause you to clench your teeth and grind them, Reader’s Digest recommends taking some time and doing meditation. Anything that forces you to relax and unwind will be beneficial.
You don’t just have to “grin and bear it.” Relief for your jaw pain may just be a simple massage away.

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