ITALIAN CREME BUNDT CAKE – Make this dessert for your holiday dessert table!

I’ve long had a great appreciation for Bundt cakes. They’re simple to make yet pretty enough to serve guests. And with my poor frosting skills, I love simply topping them with a glaze. That’s exactly the case with this beauty. This fantastic cake is jam-packed with plenty of coconut and pecans, and topped with a simple cream cheese glaze.

I highly recommend that you don’t skip toasting the pecans and coconut. That short stint in the oven gives them both so much flavor that it really makes a difference in this cake. Just remember to save a bit of each for garnishing the cake.

If you, too, are a fan of all things coconut and pecan, then I feel sure that you’ll love this cake just as much as I do. It’s somehow soft and dense at the same time. And there’s no shortage of flavor with plenty of toasty coconut and pecans along with that sweet, delectable glaze. This cake is definitely a new favorite that bears repeating!


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